Attracting the right talent every time…
If you’re looking for a faster, better and more cost-effective recruitment solution, you’ve just found it.
Amris is a complete e-recruitment platform designed by recruitment experts to save you money and remove much of the administrative hassle from the recruitment process. It is delivered over the Internet and often implemented as part of a corporate intranet. Better still, it can be configured to streamline every aspect of the recruitment process – from vacancy posting and candidate management to skills-matching and the maintenance of your own candidate talent bank.
And because it is modular, you can select the components you need and build up to a full e-recruitment environment as the benefits and cost-savings unfold.
You will be able to:
  • Manage online applications
  • Build talent pools of your best candidates
  • Sift applicants, arrange interviews and oversee the recruitment process through to candidate placement
  • Maintain an interactive and on-brand relationship with all applicants
  • Improve the quality of applicants
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Use advanced reporting tools to assess media effectiveness and calculate your exact ROI
…and harnessing the talent you already have
Amris is more than an e-recruitment platform. Its exceptional candidate management and reporting functionality also make it a powerful e-redeployment tool, one that allows you to mobilise your existing employees in pursuit of your strategic and operational talent objectives.
So whatever the challenge – major organisational change, for instance, or a planned redundancy programme – the Amris platform will support you with all aspects of skills matching, scheduling and communication.
The result? A more sensitive redeployment process that allows for improved consultation, fully compliant statutory and negotiation processes, better matching of skills to vacancies across the organisation and a level of transparency and communication that works to the benefit of both your business and your employees.
Amris is the first truly social ATS, offering full integration with key social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
...they are the best ATS provider I have worked with. The most impressive quality is their adaptability and speed of response. These are qualities I have found it difficult to find in the other providers I have dealt with."
- Annie Crouch, Former Account Director Origin HR
Amris engaged with us and what we were trying to achieve from the beginning…If we had used another supplier, I am sure we would have been weeks or months behind schedule."
- Nick Ellwood Former Head of Business Development, Abraxas plc