Applicant Tracking Systems in 2016

Applicant Tracking SystemAs recruitment technology continues to grow, the next 12 months will bring us more effective and fully integrated recruitment solutions. In 2016 clients now expect that Applicant Tracking Systems are mobile friendly and can fully integrate with other solutions on the market including referral platforms, video interviewing and often HR systems.


Why buy a new ATS?

A new ATS will help you stay competitive in the recruitment world and ensure that those hard to find candidates enjoy a great and fair recruitment experience and are easily managed in an easily searchable talent pool. An ATS from an experienced provider with a good reputation in the marketplace will help you stay up to date with recruitment best practices. With Amris, all technology is constantly being updated to reflect current must haves, combined with the highest levels of security, an absolute ‘must have’. The Amris ATS is designed to fully function on mobile devices and allow recruiters to send text messages to candidates as well as the option to self book interviews. In addition, employer branding remains strong as the system can be integrated and designed to fit with any company website. With the war for talent getting tougher, it’s crucial that you have an ATS that has all the 2016 essentials.


“As we’ve seen a huge increase in the usage of mobile recruitment over the last year at Amris ATS, I am pleased to announce that Amris is continuing to further develop and enhance technology that recruiters are using daily” said Mark Kieve, Chief Executive at The Internet Corporation. “For example, Zao’s employee social referral platform is fully integrated with Amris and provides an even stronger tool for sharing jobs on mobile devices through social networks, boosting referral hires.”


The financial difference of a new ATS

A new ATS will allow you to attract top candidates which are becoming more and more difficult to find with the ever growing core skills shortage. In 2016, the candidate is now king. Top candidates have many different job opportunities, and if your ATS isn’t providing a good candidate experience then it will be hard to win over these candidates. Hiring the best employees is one of the most valuable resources to your company, making the right hires in a timely fashion will have a huge positive financial impact. Remember, the opposite is also true.


What new customers should consider when choosing their ATS

When choosing a new ATS, it’s important to have a list of all your company essentials. If you’re starting from scratch it’s best to keep things simple, get ‘strong foundations’ in place then continue to build and grow your recruitment system. With an increasing amount of information becoming available online, it’s important to take up supplier references in 2016. A reference from a trusted source is one of the best ways to understand the quality of the product and level of service you will receive. It’s also crucial to verify that the company and the technology is proven, replacing a new system after only a few months is very difficult.


What awkward questions should you ask?

Although gathering data on a vendor can be awkward, it’s important to ask those tough questions in order to ensure you’re making the right decision. Here are some difficult but important questions you should ask:

  • Are you able to integrate with 3rd party solutions via an API?
  • Can you share financial information over the last 5 years?
  • What are your support hours and availability?
  • What new features have you developed this last year and what’s coming next year?
  • What volume of candidates can you process
  • Will my data be completely separate from other clients data?

As having an ATS is now an essential part of running an effective recruitment / respoucing department, it’s important to choose a system that’s right for you. Make sure you check references before moving forward!