[NPL Case Study] How to engage hiring managers in recruiting


Challenges –

Before using Amris, NPL was struggling to engage their hiring managers and wanted to provide them with a better experience when reviewing candidates. Their current ATS did not allow hiring managers to directly update candidate statuses within their system which greatly delayed the hiring process. Since hiring is a top priority for NPL, it was important to give the team an ATS that was simple to navigate and provided a user friendly interface.


Solution –

After trying out a number of systems, Amris was selected as the best recruitment system for NPL. Amris ATS has improved NPL’s hiring process by automating different tasks in the system and allowing hiring managers to access candidates in a quick and efficient way through a simple and easy to use interface. There is no longer a delay in passing information from different departments within the hiring team. NPL has seen an overall improvement in hiring efficiency.

Amris recognises that not all users are tech savvy and the support team is always very accommodating and quick to respond. Using Amris, NPL is now able to attract more applicants as their vacancies are automatically sent to Indeed. This feature has allowed them to increase the number of job page views and candidates received.


“Amris is just simple. You don’t need to go to 10 different screens to post or share jobs.” -Sally Williams, Head of Resourcing at NPL


Results –

Amris was quickly implemented for NPL and they have been thrilled with the service they have received ever since. NPL continues to see an increase in the number of candidates that are viewing and applying to jobs using Amris. In addition, NPL have received positive feedback from their hiring managers who now have all the information they need at their fingertips. NPL is looking forward to continuing to work with Amris, expanding their use of new and innovative recruitment tools.


About NPL –

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the UK’s National Measurement Institute and a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology available. For more than a century, NPL has developed and maintained the nation’s primary measurement standards. These standards underpin an infrastructure of traceability throughout the UK and the world that ensures accuracy and consistency of measurement. Website: www.npl.co.uk.