What’s New With Talent Management Systems

Connecting Candidates

The market for talent management systems continues to grow and expand in the recruitment world today. These systems are constantly evolving and changing with new technologies entering the industry. Companies are now well aware that hiring top talent is key to running a successful business, and it’s nearly impossible to manage incoming talent without a proper system in place.


With the ability to now automate and streamline the entire recruitment process, it’s crucial that every organization has a talent management system. A well-configured system is designed to streamline the recruiting process. This works to improve candidate experience and make sure you receive better applicants.



The latest must-haves 

With the growth and expansion of talent management systems comes the development of complimentary recruitment platforms. The latest must haves include a system that can easily and seamlessly integrate with other recruitment enhancing platforms. A key must-have for talent management systems are an employee social referral program, boosting employee engagement in referrals and social media hiring. With all the new developments in technology, one of the most important features moving forward is a user-friendly interface. With all these new technological advances, it’s important to keep in mind that a system still needs to be easy for mangers to use.


Improving upon current inefficiencies 

There are a few common inefficiencies facing talent management systems, which can seriously hinder engagement and the ability to manage talent. First, it’s important to have a fully dedicated support team who is available to assist at any time. It’s crucial to be able to speak with someone promptly if an issue arises. Second, having a system that takes a long time to onboard managers and employees will hinder performance. Choosing a system that is easy to navigate and quick to onboard managers will improve hiring efficiencies. Third, a system that does not keep up with the latest technologies will prevent you from achieving the best results. It’s important to choose a talent management system that stays up to date with the latest trends and technologies.


Why you should consider a new talent management system

You should consider a new talent management system if you’re looking to improve hiring efficiencies and your current system is not achieving desired results. Going forward, all systems should be able to integrate with other recruiting tools and platforms, streamlining the entire recruitment and workflow process. Amris supplies a number of integrations with other recruitment tools including but not limited to psychometric testing, video interviewing, our social referral platform Zao (www.zao.com) and Employee-check referencing system.